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Here are some Preventative measures to use while joining us in person as well as everyday... Please make sure to read over it in its entirety as our goal is to provide the safest environment as possible. -Mask are required when physically joining us at this time - Please maintain a distance of 6 to 8 feet at all times; make sure to spread out leaving enough room for yourself and others around you - One person or one family at a time when entering/exiting  doorways - Please keep your mask on while worshiping with us - For safety measures we have safety precaution stations set up w/ antibacterial products available for your use during service.  

 If you are experiencing any symptoms related to the COVID-19 please do not come in person; I want to encourage you to go get checked out; you can always join us via our Live-stream by going to our Live-stream tab or accessing it on Apple TV, ROKUTV or FireTV


Know without a doubt that the safety of everyone is Always my top priority and if at ANY POINT we need to go virtual instead of physically gathering we are ready! I will be personally keeping touch should any changes arise as I continue to evaluate the situation .  Feel free to contact us with any questions. 


God has NOT Given US the spirit of fear BUT POWER, LOVE & SOUND MIND 

Praying for the WORLD  

Monique Faith Worship-Pastor 

Founder and Chief



Sunday Service starts @3:30pm est

Previous correspondences 


Hello my PPWM family & friends 


Given the provisions and exceptions made for religious organizations, my goal is to continue to operate with the previous mentioned precautions in place; in addition, for this Sunday I am now encouraging our members that have access to join us via our Live-stream platform in order to minimize the number of people that physically come based on the Most Recent recommendations of our Governor. 

 A link to join Sunday service is below, please feel free to call the ministry should you need assistance with how to watch @ 216-245-5142.


As you know things are continuing to fluctuate on a daily basis, I will make sure to be in contact with you should any additional adjustments need to be made. This is Only in place for now.


 Know that this too shall pass, I look forward to seeing each of your faces  back in the place once things have settled down. Also know that I am always praying for each of you and that I'm still accessible. 


Praying for you and for the World

Pastor Monique Faith Worship 


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