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Prayer Meeting

 Revival  in Tijuana 

Pastor Monique Faith Worship has been invited to preach the word of God in Tijuana in the Summer of 2021. Accompanied by our Team Missions of Prophetic Praise and Worship Ministries Int'l, there will be powerful Praise and Worship, and a Dream Session where dreams are interpreted from a biblical perspective.

Now available on All digital Media outlets, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play, is Pastor Monique Faith Worship's "EP"  FREEdom, download your copy today! Or purchase in person after  PPWM Sunday church service, while supplies last! Grab your copy and be blessed. 

Press Play to Hear FREEdom! 

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Praying  for the Nation in Washiongton DC, Joining with other  ministries for 24/7 Worship inside of David's Tent.  Praying for our leaders, Praying for the World 




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